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TVS Foam Products specialise in developing very effective Anti Snore Pillows
 Choose the correct pillow for the snorer

Backsleepers (Supine Position) - Most people usually go to sleep on their side, then once asleep, back sleepers (Supine Position) will generally roll onto their back and spend the rest of the time on their back. If this sounds like what happens in your household then we have two different types of pillow to choose from, the original TVS super soft Snore No More Pillow (for back sleepers only) or the recently introduced TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow (for Side, Back or Tummy Sleepers) both are specially designed for you.
Side sleepers (Lateral Position) on the other hand tend to spend most of the time on their side and occasionally roll onto their back, these people should order a suitably designed pillow for Side Sleepers such as the  TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillows (for Side, Back and Tummy sleepers).
Anti Snore Bed Pillow Effectiveness
Traditionally shaped bed pillows including the more recently introduced contoured Memory Foam pillows that are all the latest crazy, generally all tilt the head forward (head Flexion) because they are designed for side sleepers only (they are a waste of money for back sleepers), plus they are clinically proven to cause snoring, whereas these TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE PILLOWS work by naturally tilting the head backwards during sleep.

All TVS Anti Snore Pillows are designed specifically to change breathing patterns for everyone that sleeps on the pillow correctly. Unfortunately the medically prescribed Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) a denture like mouth piece, are not suitable for all users, however the alternative is this Anti Snore pillow, it does make a significant reduction to the loudness and frequency of snoring, while significantly reducing or stopping snoring for back sleepers when used correctly.
For the TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow (for back sleepers only) to be effective, you need to sleep with your shoulders on top of the pillow, this simple action allows the head to gently tilt back, naturally tightening the muscles in the throat and opening up the airways to once again allow you, your bed partner and the rest of your household to enjoy a good nights sleep.
The TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow comes complete with one FITTED, machine washable, OFF WHITE zippered quick drying removable Euro size Pillowcase.
Pillow size: 50 cm Deep x 60 cm Wide x 10 cm High, weight approx 3kg boxed
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TVS QR (VE125-40) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow (soft) designed specially for Side, Back & Tummy sleepers.

Patent No 2012101763