TVS QR (VE125-60) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow (firm)

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TVS Foam Products specialise in developing very effective Anti Snore Bed Pillows
TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti-Snore Pillow (firm) 
Recommended body weight obove 100 Kg (220lb) 
This pillow is the firmest Visco Elastic Memory Foam that we use. Many people (mainly men) or particularly larger and heavier people, may prefer to choose this harder foam (about twice as hard as our soft foam pillow). Despite being the firmest foam that we use, it is still very comfortable to sleep on, and people that prefer to sleep on two pillows may find this hardness to their liking, YES the head, neck and shoulders still sink down into the foam but to a lesser degree than the softer foams available. 
It is recommended that physically strong and heavier people (weighing 95Kg or more) may find this firmer pillow more to their liking.

INTRODUCING the NEW NATURAL therapy TVS QR (VE125-60) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillowit's extremely effective for Side Sleepers (Lateral position), Back Sleepers (Supine position) and Tummy Sleepers (Prone position) and fits into a standard (conventional) 47cm x 77cm pillowcase.

Almost all anti-snore pillows require the sleeper to stay in one position for the pillow to be effective, but in reality we constantly move around in bed all night, by rolling from side to side several times per hour in an attempt to get comfortable. This TVS Therapeutic pillow is designed to keep working efficiently under these conditions. 
There are many factors that cause snoring, including these seldom mentioned causes: tiredness levels, flu's and colds, blocked Sinuses or Hayfever, a particular stage of sleep, head position, body position and especially sleeping with one or both hands above the neckline, to name just a few.
With this highly effective bed pillow, it is now possible for bed partners to sleep all night without being kept awake because of their partners snoring.
Now you can roll from your side onto your back and back onto your side at will, without upsetting the efficacy of the pillow. This new TVS QR (VE125-60) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow allows you to sleep on it as you choose, just lie down and drift off to sleep on your side, your back, or on your tummy, shoulders on or off the pillow, all the while allowing the pillow shape to prevent snoring. 

Test data shows this pillow completely changes breathing patterns. Loud continuous snoring that was once heard at the other end of the house, has in general been reduced to about as loud as someone whispering or speaking very softly, however there is the ocassional snore/snort from time to time, often no snoring is detected for periods of up to 20 minutes or more, although this may vary from person to person, and may also depend on sleeping position.

Although this NEW pillow has not yet been clinically tested, we believe it may also be beneficial in assisting Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Asthma and reflux sufferers.
Foam Pillow details - Low Resilience foam, Comfortable firmness, this Visco-Elastic foam pillow incorporates Ultrafresh(TM) for antimicrobial protection.

The TVS QR VE125-60 Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillowcomes with a 100% 14 day Moneyback Satisfaction Guarantee (less shipping charges - conditions apply). 
 Australian Designed, Australian Made, Australian quality you can trust

Size: 55cm wide x 37cm long x 12.5cm high ("19 11/16" x "14 3/16" x "5 1/16")    
Pillow Weight: 1.5kg
Patent No: 2014101523    Aust Register of Therapeutic Goods # 227349