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No matter what sport you follow, we all love going to the game to watch and cheer on our favorite sports team.

We all have lasting memories of sitting on hard moulded stadium seats or perhaps a hard wooden plank seat that has probably been rained on or is dew affected, and probably spent more time standing than sitting, all because of a very sore bum. Wasn't fun was it? So why put up with it if there is no need too, for the one off cost of less than $20 + shipping you can sit in total bliss. 

Did you know that you can now sit in absolute comfort on an elegant looking seat cushion for hours on end with great padding.

Memory foam is the latest filling of choice for discerning sports fans among us. So why is memory foam so good, you may well ask? Well it moulds to the shape of your bum and to the seat surface that you are sitting on, and memory foam is made pliable by body heat. The softened foam wraps around your shape keeping you so comfortably warm, when you stand up the foam returns to its original shape.

The 38cm W x 42cm L x 6.5cm H cushion fits all sports stadium moulded seats.

The  TVS Neat Seat  is a well designed high quality seat cushion absolutely fully packed with features. Using 65 mm thick Visco Elastic Memory Foam that is much more resilient than regular memory foam, it does not easily rip or tear. The foam has three levels of softness, the bottom layer has a harder foam that stops the cushion from bottoming out, the middle layer is made up of a softer foam, and the top layer is chocolate block shaped, this is to allow airflow through the foam and allows it to breathe when being sat on for long periods, plus it prevents sweating of the bum causing sweaty and sticky undie syndrome. You can now remain seated with a smile on your face, watching other people around you stand up for a stretch while pulling sweaty and sticky undies away from their skin.

The TVS Neat Seat Cushion comes with a 35mm wide adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to hang your cushion over your shoulder, permitting the cushion to be carried completely hands free. The adjustable shoulder strap also allows you to tightly secure the cushion to a chair, etc. The carry all side pocket features a strong rip resistant see-through meshing on one side of the cushion that should allow you to walk through security checks without being stopped.

The removeable outer red or blue fabric cover has been treated with fire resistant chemicals (treated to CA117), also the covers are waterproof and machine washable. We have even thoughtfully sewn in a removable insertable name tag, so you won't lose this terrific little cushion.

Not only is the cushion used for sporting events, but they are brilliant for around the home as added padding on the lounge, on a dining chair, office chair, car seat cushion, back support cushion, etc, the uses truly are endless.

Many TVS Neat Seat cushions are being gifted to aged people that just need extra padding for their wary bones. They really do have 100s of uses in our daily lives. 

Size: 38 x 42 x 6.5 mm

Weight: 525g

Colours: Azure BLUE and Bright RED only

Trev Seddon, Managing Director

TVS Foam Products




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