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Mainstream medicine as a general rule is very effective, yet most treatments often have debilitating side effects, often leading to the patient deciding to discontinue with their medication, or maybe they continue, but rely on taking other medications to counteract the side effects or complications of the original treatment.

Almost half the world's population snore, of those about one third are back-sleepers. Many people often start off sleeping on their side before eventually rolling onto their back. So how does mainstream medicine deal with snoring for back sleepers? They will normally order a formal overnight sleep study called a Polysomnography (PSG) this will identify if the snoring is caused by Sleep Apnea (SA) or other reasons.

Snoring does not cause Sleep Apnea, but Sleep Apnea may cause snoring!


Snoring may indicate the Snorer has Sleep Apnea

If the snoring is as a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) - about 84% of all snoring is OSA, then the Sleep Specialist or family Doctor will most likely say the snorer needs to lose weight or prescribe either a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and face mask as the preferred first line of treatment, or a dental mouthpiece fitted by a Dentist called a Mandibular Advance Splint (MAS) to treat your OSA.

Medical professionals in general only promote mainstream therapies to the exclusion of all other treatments, so what mainstream treatments are available? Well CPAP and MAS therapy both have an effective rate of around 66%, and are touted by medical professionals as being the only effective therapy for treating snoring and OSA. It is true that these treatments are effective provided the patient can tolerate the devices, but they can be very expensive and are often intolerable for most people, meaning that a lot of patients will not continue using the prescribed therapy.  

Users of these devices still occasionally snore and may still have Apnea events (but usually limited to <5 AHI per hour). Surgery is seldom effective over the long term in treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Nasal Strips only spread open the nostrils thus they are mostly ineffective at clearing the sinuses or nasal structures within the nose, however nasal sprays may assist by unblocking the sinuses if they are blocked.

Apart from usually being told to give up smoking, losing weight or going onto CPAP or MAS therapy, mainstream medicine still do not have an adequate solution to stop snoring apart from suggesting that the backsleeper goes home and sews a tennis ball into the back of their sleepwear to prevent them from sleeping on their back. 

Other therapies generally will not be offered as a solution by your GP or Sleep Specialist.

Alternative or natural therapy is often overlooked 

Alternative or natural treatments on the other hand can indeed be very effective, and often outperform mainstream treatments, usually without the horrible side effects. 

Providing the sleeper lies straight in bed, lying on their side with their hands no higher than above their shoulders, it is rare that they will snore, because in this position the tongue flops to the side of the throat still allowing unrestricted airflow to the lungs.

When sleeping on your back, it is a perfectly natural (due to gravity) for your tongue to drop to the back of the throat obstructing (blocking off) airflow to the lungs.

Your own experiences may have already taught you that getting your bed partner to sleep on their side normally stops their snoring, and you are probably guilty of prodding your partner to get them to roll onto their side to stop their snoring. So it is no wonder the market is flooded with side sleeper (contoured ) pillows.

No side sleeper pillows work effectively when sleeping on your back, whereas the TVS QR series Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow was primarily designed for both side, back and tummy sleepers. This new pillow does the complete opposite to all other Anti Snore Pillows on the world market, because it gently tilts the head backwards which completely opens up the airways, allowing the lungs to work unrestricted.  

Our own in-house sleep studies conducted during pillow testing and development has found that snoring can in most cases be easily stopped by simply sleeping with your hands at your side or on your chest, but they cannot be above your shoulders. Why this makes a difference we do not know yet, but it appears to be the main reason that people snore. Also sleeping with your head tilted towards your chest is known to cause continuous snoring and may even increase the chances of the sleeper having difficulty in breathing.

Everybody spends some time sleeping on their back at some point during the night, and it is completely normal to move around on the pillow, so it makes sense to buy a pillow that works under these conditions, consider purchasing an effective TVS Anti Snore Pillow.

For further information on natural solutions to snoring and OSA, please visit our Preventing Snoring  link at the top of this page. 

Trev Seddon, Managing Director

TVS Foam Products

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