No other Anti Snore BED Pillow is as effective!
To our knowledge TVS Foam Products is the only company worldwide to have developed an effective Anti Snoring Pillow aimed at successfully treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Snoring for back sleepers. 
Most side sleepers often roll onto their back in a subconscious attempt to get comfortable, this is generally when the snoring occurs, which may also lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). 

Over 98% of anti snore pillows on the world market today are designed only for side sleepers, yet it is common knowledge that very few people actually snore when sleeping on their side, bringing into question the effectiveness of side sleeping Anti Snore pillows. Back sleepers need an effective pillow designed specially for back sleepers. Sleeping on a side sleeper pillow is usually a complete waste of money for back sleepers!
Our premium quality Australian made TVS QR series Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow are designed specially for side, back and tummy sleepers.
Allow yourself to sink into the luxuriously soft foam and wake up well rested after a refreshing nights sleep.

Whatever you do, choose a snoring remedy that works for you.
 Prototype and development test data show these TVS QR Series Therapeutic pillows repeatedly stop or significantly reduce snoring in typically more than 90% of cases for back sleepers. Backed up by recorded SpO2 oxygen levels that generally remain in the normal range (well above 91%) during sleep.
Pillow Selection
Select the correct pillow firmness to best suit the sleeper, lighter weight people of 80 Kg (175lbs) or less generally find the TVS QR (VE125-40) SOFT pillow best for them, people that weigh between 85 - 100 Kg (180 - 220 lbs) usually find the TVS QR (GEL125-50) MEDIUM hardness is best for them, physically strong or heavier people weighing 100 Kg (220 lbs) or more generally find the TVS QR (VE125-60) FIRM pillow more to their liking.

Why the different hardnesses? it is simple, the stronger or heavier the body the more the tendancy to crush the pillow under your body weight, firmer pillows reduce this effect.


TVS QR (VE125-40) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow (soft)

CODE: TVS QR (VE125-40)

$124.95   $49.95 (Including tax)


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TVS QR (VE125-60) Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow (firm)

CODE: TVS QR (VE125-60)

$124.95   $49.95 (Including tax)


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TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow (for Back Sleepers only) - Lo Profile

CODE: TVS SNM 100 Soft

$99.95   $49.95 (Including tax)


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