TVS NEAT SEAT - Sports Stadium Seat Cushions

You deserve the very best seat cushion that money can buy!

Experience the absolute luxury of sitting on a top quality TVS Sports Event Seat Cushion, designed to suit all sport stadium seats both in Australia and overseas.

Cushion size: W38cm X L43cm X H6.5cm.  Colours: Red or Blue only, comes with lots of excellent built-in features.


Click here to order your: BLUE Cushions or RED Cushions 
If you are searching for an effective Anti Snore treatment
then look no further.

Introducing the Premium Quality TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow, for all side, back and tummy sleepers, allowing you to move around on the pillow as you choose while maintaining correct sleep posture, it also permits rolling from side to side at random without affecting the effectiveness of the pillow. 

For the technically minded, SpO2 levels generally remain well above 90% with fewer than 4 apnea events per hour, over a full 8 hours of sleep, applies for mild to severe OSA sufferers, remember also that everyone is different. The medical fraternity aim for less than 5 Apnoea events per hour when treating the condition.

If CPAP or Mandibular therapy is not for you, or did not work for you, then the TVS QR Series pillow is the next best product on the world market. Our pillows are also registered as a Class 1, Medical Device with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (Aust Version of FDA).

These pillows also double as possibly the most comfortable premium quality bed pillow you'll ever sleep on. Fits into a standard sized 47cm x 77cm pillowcase.

Our Anti Snore pillows are proving to be the most effective on the world market, the secret is in the unique shape of the pillow. These pillows are patented.

Please consider our offer as there are no nasty side effects, no drugs or invasive intervention.


TVS QR (VE125-40) Therapeutic Anti Snore Bed Pillow - SOFT TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti-Snore Pillow (soft)

Most women prefer this soft pillow for themselves. Recommended for people that weigh less than approximately 90Kg (198lb)
Recommended for heavier people that weigh around 85- 100 kg or for those that prefer a slightly firmer or higher pillow. This GEL pillow effectively cools the neck and head in hotter weather. 

TVS QR Series Therapeutic Anti-Snore Pillow (firm)

Recommended for strong and/or heavier people that weigh above 100Kg or above.

The TVS SNORE NO MORE Super Soft Anti Snore Pillow (shown below) is
designed for Back Sleepers only.  Comes complete with its own European sized pillowcase.
TVS Snore No More Pillow 
The TVS super soft Snore No More Bed Pillow (suitable for back sleepers only), so if you toss and turn a lot in bed then we strongly recommend one of the more recent introduced pillows above. This very effective pillow comes complete with its own fitted cream coloured pillowcase or use your own European size pillowcase.
Australian designed, Australian made, Quality you can trust.